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Reverse Raffle


To register, please fill out the Google form below, and submit payment via Venmo to @trent-petrie. We hope to see you there!

Reverse Raffle Rules

Reverse Raffle Official Rules

Unlike a typical raffle, in a Reverse Raffle the purchaser of the last ticket(s) drawn wins the Grand Prize.

  1. The event is open to the public. Food and Beverages will be included in the ticket sale. Food sponsored by Stacey Rogers Realty Group, and drinks are provided by Two Docs Brewing.
  2. Reverse Raffle Tickets cost $100.00 each. With a Mulligan available for $50. (A mulligan puts a drawn ticket back in the drawing one time for a 2nd chance to win). Mulligans can be bought on site at the event.
  3. You must be 18 years or older to purchase a Ticket.
  4. A maximum of 200 tickets will be sold.
  5. A minimum of 150 tickets must be sold for the $(your prize)to be awarded. If fewer than 150 tickets are sold, the Prizes awarded will total 20% of the gross proceeds and the amounts noted below will be adjusted. The minimum total prize amount is $(your decision).
  6. Gross proceeds are defined as the total number of tickets sold at $100.00 per ticket.
  7. A Ticket is considered purchased when complete payment ($100.00) has been received and confirmed by LBA Owner Trent Petrie.
  8. Ticket sales will end no later than 7:00pm on Thursday, prior to the raffle.
  9. Tickets will be drawn for the gift cards throughout the evening, with the final 3 drawn winning the main prize(s). In between ticket drawings, a live auction will be held for signed memorabilia. Payments for these items will be made on-site.
  10. Businesses, companies and non-profit organizations may purchase a ticket, or several people can share the cost of a ticket however one person must be named as the Ticket Owner. The Ticket Owner controls the ticket and is responsible for making the decision to split the Prize with the other finalists.
  11. Prizes will be awarded to the Ticket Owners who are responsible for sharing the proceeds with any other parties.
  12. Winners are solely responsible for any and all taxes due on the awards.